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Snapshot Testing APIs with Jest

You know how your UI and backend get out of sync sometimes? The API starts returning a different format, or it’s wrapped in an extra object, and the UI breaks. This post goes over how to use Jest snapshot tests to verify the API is working as you expect.

Creating a Twitter tweet box with Svelte

Today I want to go about creating a Twitter tweet box with Svelte. But before I start on this, I want to just point out some of the features that the official Twitter tweet box provides.

Journey of iPhone from 2007 to 2017

Apple has successfully completed its journey of 10 amazing years. From 2007 to 2017, iPhone has covered a great journey. In 2007 it introduces the first ever revolutionary mobile phone which shook the cellular industry.

Magic data: testing and the AAA principle

Often when working on large codebases, my changes break some existing tests. While I would prefer my coding to be perfect, it’s highly unlikely that I’ll ever acheive the state of coding zen, so it’s nice to know I have a test suite to catch me when I fall. Given that the codebase is large and in the majority not written by me, I tend to be introduced to code via the test files. One important principle I’ve started to follow when writing and refactoring tests is AAA.

A tiny wrapper built around fetch with an intuitive syntax

Wretch is tiny fetch wrapper which aims at simplifying the vanilla syntax. Features : - many helpers to ease http requests (easy json/formdata transforms, automatic headers …) - supports method chaining - immutability - low size (< 1.3Kb .gz) - uses standards (Promise / URLSearchParams / Fetch) - compatibility with older browsers and node.js (with proper polyfills) - typescript definitions for easy IDE autocompletion

Finally the Promise.prototype.finally() is available

Previously we had to include the function in both “on-success” and “on-reject” sections, which resulted in the code overhead and clearly showed the need of something like other libraries have, so meet the Promise.prototype.finally!

Liike. Tiny JS tweening library

Liike is a Finnish word and means movement, motion. It’s a minimalistic library to create performant custom JS tweens no matter what you’re tweening.

Ionic vs Native Application Development

You must be thinking what is the logic behind comparing ionic framework and native platform? As ionic is just a framework of hybrid platform and native itself is a mobile application development platform, so no connection between them. There is a connection between them. This post will explain it, keep reading.

Using Redux Template-Driven Forms With Ionic in One Go

Redux is making more noise thanks to the Angular-Redux library. However how do we use it when it comes to hidden mechanism like forms? Do we trigger actions on each model modification? In this tutorial we focus on Template-Driven Forms and see how to handle the Redux Store in an Ionic application.

React.js vs Angular 4

We go inside both technologies for a general comparison. Both of these are the present and future of frontend development but how do they differ?

Airbnb Vacation Rental Clone Script

Airbnb is a leading online travel website. Airfinch Script is a clone of Airbnb which has a potential platform which provides an easy, fun and efficient way to plan the perfect trip to travel across the globe. Airbnb offers travelers a series of excursions and adventures.


After the great success of popular online stores like Amazon and eBay, e-commerce investors, as well as small and medium business owners are favoring multi-vendor Shopping cart software, over regular online stores. Multi Vendor marketplace is those where different vendors display their respective products in the same store and share the same shopping cart. [more inside]

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