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How to Make a Private Phone Call with Node.js

There are scenarios where two parties want to communicate without letting each other know their real phone numbers- e.g. between a ride-share service driver and the passenger, or a matched pair on a dating app. This tutorial walks through a related but much simpler scenario: forwarding a temporary phone number to a real phone, using a Nexmo virtual phone number as a proxy.

The building blocks of React Native animations

It is hard to imagine a mobile app that does not involve animations. Whereas on the web, animations are typically pretty simple, if existent at all — a new page can replace the existing one; mobile applications demand a different level of attention. [more inside]

From ui-router to Component Router

Lukas Ruebbelke shows how to use the component router to map components directly to routes and is the Angular 2 equivalent for ui-router.

JS Party Episode 3 🎉

Mikeal Rogers, Alex Sexton, and Rachel White discuss JS Fatigue, AMP, and the project of the week: Paths.js

Type Manipulation: Escaping Template Sandboxes

The first in a series of posts about type manipulation—an attack vector unique to dynamically typed languages like JavaScript and Ruby. This post talks about using type manipulation to circumvent template-frameworks sandboxes.

Email from JavaScript with Gmail transport

This blog post shows you how simplifies sending emails via the Gmail mail service. We’ll walk through a simple code example with a database trigger and a JavaScript that uses the mail API to send an email to a user.

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