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7 Convenient CI/CD Tools for Your Node.js Projects

This article has a selection of super useful tools to implement as a part of a Node.js project’s CI/CD pipeline. It covers both the infrastructure side (tools like TravisCI, Jenkins, and so on) as well as supplementary CI/CD tools like Greenkeeper, Coveralls, and more.

Learn About Inferno JS: Build and Authenticate an App

Inferno JS is a blazing-fast, lightweight, React-like JavaScript library. React developers will find it comfortably familiar. Inferno JS also supplies better performance, smaller size, and other improvements. Inferno is highly modular and unopinionated, encouraging developers to add only the pieces we require and write code to suit our personal preferences. In this tutorial, we’ll introduce the Inferno JavaScript library, then build a simple Inferno app and authenticate it with Auth0.

Meet SurveyJS

Feature rich and open source survey JavaScript library under MIT license

Reusing ngrx/effects in Angular (communicating between reducers)

After upgrading my open source project, “Echoes Player”, to work with the latest stable angular-cli 1.0 version (wrote an article about it), I set down to refactor the application’s code. I always like to look at implementations few times and experiment with several approaches. This time, I wanted to take advantage of ngrx/effects observables and understand how those can be reused. In this post I’m sharing my take on reusing ngrx/effects in order to communicate between two different reducers.

JSON powered forms for Angular (2+)

ng-formly is an Angular 2 module which has a Components to help customize and render JavaScript/JSON configured forms. The formly-form Component and the FormlyConfig service are very powerful and bring unmatched maintainability to your applications forms.

Alpha AMQP Consumer

Super easy and reliable message consumption via AMQP protocol. Track consumer state, reconnects automatically, allows for easy implementation of graceful shutdown

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