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ReactCasts #7: Hot Module Replacement in Create-React-App

Hot Module Replacement (or HMR) is a Webpack feature that allows “on the fly” module updates for your app. Create-React-App uses webpack internally, but HMR working out-of-the-box only for for stylesheets (and not for React components). This episode discusses the reasoning behind this and shows two ways you can add Hot Module Replacement to projects created with Create-React-App.

Go Full Stack Rails - The Frontend part 2

This is the follow-up to a series covering the development of a clean, maintainable and well-tested full-stack application with ES6 and Rails. In this post, we cover “Promises” in the context of the provided example application. There’s also some discussion around how to improve promise-based tests and tips for running JavaScript specs with code42template. We also have three other posts available: The Backend: part 1, The Backend: part 2, and The Frontend: part 1.

Choosing Right Javascript Development Framework: AngularJS vs React vs Ember

To boost your ability for delivering ambitious and competitive web apps, choosing the right JavaScript framework which best suit your project’s needs becomes quintessential. Though there exist many libraries which are been around like Backbone and Knockout, but gradually their popularity is decreasing. Big three web frameworks Ember, AngularJS, and React, are been discussed here. There are many client side frameworks. Also, new entrants like Aurelia are also in the queue. AngularJS, Ember and React must definitely be your choice if you are bent for creating web apps as these are the safest players that offer active communities and long-term support. [more inside]

Fixing a Remote Code Execution Vulnerability in EJS

This week, Snyk added a high-severity Remote Code Execution vulnerability in the EJS package to their vulnerability database. This post describes how the vulnerability works, as well as how it went from disclosed to fixed in a single day.

Announcing NodeSource Certified Modules for Node.js

Yesterday at Node Interactive North America, NodeSource launched NodeSource Certified Modules. The new product was built to address concerns in the ecosystem with high-availability, with a curated selection of only the best packages - all verified and certified through rigorous analysis with the NodeSource Certification Process™.

Next on your TODO: Go React native with and Auth0

Building a fully functional react-native app with persistence and authentication is surprisingly easy. Using for cloud hosted data and Auth0 for user authentication, you get lots of features right out of the box. Follow the steps in this post and you’ll be up and running in no time.

The New Complete Angular 2 Article Series

The new complete Angular 2 Article Series, includeing articles for starting with angular 2, diving into more complex angular 2 subjects, integrating ngrx/store and ngrx/effects and working with typescript #angular #typescript #rxjs

What the heck is a "thunk"?

Redux-Thunk is one of those things that seems really confusing at first, but is actually pretty simple. This post explains what it’s for.

Next.js Website

React universal website built using the Next.js framework. Code is shared between the client and server making development a breeze. Add Cosmic JS-powered content and you’re taking your website to the Next.js level.

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