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How to Land Your First Development Job in 5 Simple Steps

When you’re just getting started, it seems like it’s impossible to break into the market. Everybody wants to hire somebody with experience. How do you get that experience if nobody will hire a developer with no experience? This article will guide you step-by-step to help you land and ace coding interviews. If you have the chops, nobody will care that you’ve never worked for anybody before.

Clone Scripts Developers

Agriya with the 16 years solid experience in the international market is the leading-edge web and clone script development company based in Chennai. We have an enhanced professional developers’ squad who are all involved in furnishing the business world with heaps of clone script solutions for the first-time and serial entrepreneurs to establish their own online platform eventually in a short period.

How to Build an API-Powered, Static Website: The Best of Both Worlds

In this article I’m going to show you how to build a static website that gives you the best of both worlds: A website that is both dynamically powered by the Cosmic JS API and also a static website that can be edited using Markdown files. As a bonus, you can also setup automatic builds using Webhooks.

New Amazing Features of Slim Framework

Are you a PHP developer who is tired of long texts of code and wants to try new frameworks? In this article, I am eager to introduce you to Slim, a PHP framework that is designed specifically for the fast development of APIs and web applications.

The 10 Key Features in Node.js v6 LTS Boron After You Upgrade

The Node.js v6 release line became an LTS release line last week. This means that if you’re using an LTS release line (read: Node.js v4) for business or testing, you’ve got the option of an entirely new set of features and tools to use in a stable, LTS release line of Node.js that’s ready for production.


A tiny, lightweight jQuery plugin that creates scroll progress bar on the page.

Why I'm Excited About Yarn and You Should Be Too

I played around with Yarn this week and took an in-depth look at some of it’s biggest improvements. Check out our latest blog post on my findings and why I’m excited about it.

I was surprised when Ivan brought to me his findings with Yarn. It’s hard to b…

ReactJS Newsletter: Issue 11

This week we feature SEO in ReactJS, Yarn is benchmarked, a VCR is used and much more! Check out the greatest weekly ReactJS Newsletter!

NodeSource N|Solid v2.0: Secure, Reliable, Extensible

Just over a year ago, NodeSource launched N Solid as their flagship product - a platform for enterprise-grade Node.js. After a year of development, yesterday they announced the release of N Solid 2.0, with an optimized infrastructure and expanded feature set.

React Fine Uploader

A simple, powerful, and elegant React file upload widget based on the Fine Uploader library. Makes using Fine Uploader in a React app simple. Drop-in high-level components for a turn-key UI. Use small focused components to build a more custom UI.

Using iOS Image Picker with React Native

Playing with React Native the other weekend, my toy project included picking images from the camera roll, and while the RN API for that is quite a breeze, the setup necessary to achieve that was anything but obvious/documented. [more inside]

So I tried Yarn, yet another new JavaScript tool

Recently Yarn (the new JavaScript package manager developed by engineers at Facebook, Google and Tilde) emerged as an alternative to npm. The main argument for me to give it a try was that it was presented as fast (first word on the website and the GitHub) and it seems to be, I always found npm slow, maybe that’s because I am also a Spring developer using Maven and I’m tired of drinking my coffee while looking at the dependencies being downloaded before I can make a Hello World with my favorite oversized framework.

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