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Watch Out for Undefined State

React component not rendering? Undefined state and an async call could be the problem. Read this post for what to look for, and how to fix it.

Understanding the Console API in JavaScript – 7 Tips for Smoother Debugging

Many JavaScript developers only use the console.log statement for the purpose of finding out more about how their application works. In this article, you will learn that the console API contains many powerful methods that will significantly improve your logging and debugging experience. In this article, we will focus on browser features.

Nuxt.js Website

Nuxt.js is a gift to the Vue community. Building Vue universal applications is not an easy task and the Nuxt.js framework has greatly simplified the process. Some immediate benefits include: [more inside]

The 21 Most Awesome Awesome Lists for Node.js Developers

This is a collection of some of the best awesome lists that are relevant to Node.js developers. Individually, each one is an absolute gold mine of resources for developers. Collectively, they make up a wealth of knowledge to start using to grow as a Node.js developer.

First look to javascript unit test frameworks – ExpectJs

Today I going to write about javascript unit test frameworks, emphasizing in Expectjs. Web developers ignore in many ways the action of testing their code safely just because it works in some random attempts. Just a reduced number of developers really like the activity of write unit test because of the security and the mind peace it brings to any development process. This time let’s take a look to ExpectJS, a minimalistic BDD assertion toolkit based on should.js that provides very useful features to developers in order to test their codes through unit test. But how it works exactly? In this post I’d like to explain the magic under the hood.

Best Online Food Ordering Script

Agriya’s Online Food Ordering Script is a well compiled Just Eat clone, Swiggy clone and Foodpanda clone script. It turns up as the ultimate solution, as far as entrepreneur’s quest to find a flawless online food ordering software is concerned.

Thinking in redux (when all you've known in MVC)

Learning a new “language” or framework isn’t a huge issue, but moving from an MVC paradigm to a react-native/redux one can be confusing. This article doesn’t explain how React-Native works (as that is not the hard part). The purpose of the next few paragraphs is to help anybody reading this transition from “thinking in MVC” to “thinking in Redux”. Hope it helps.

How secure is your Web Browser?

Pedro Fortuna points out that if companies continue to solely focus on protecting the server, they will leave their front door open to attacks.

Node.js Weekly Update - 20 Jan, 2017

Read the most important Node.js weekly news: Performance optimization killers, using serverless, Async best practices, preventing ReDos attacks and more..

An Introduction to Gulp.js

This article provides an introduction to the automated task runner, Gulp.js, and shows how it can be used to improve page size.

TestCafe v0.12.0 Released

HTTP authentication support, a CI-friendly way to start and stop the tested app and lots of API enhancements.

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