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Node.js at Scale - npm Best Practices

With our new series, called Node.js at Scale, we are creating a collection of articles focusing on the needs of companies with bigger Node.js installations, and developers who already learned the basics of Node.

Angular 2: From Services To Reactive Effects With Ngrx/Effects

In a former article, I wrote an introduction for integrating ngrx/effects with angular 2 - a functional approach for reacting to a chain of events. Since then, based on this approach, I defined more side effects for several actions in my open source project, Echoes Player. It has really proven itself to be worthwhile in terms of logics architecture and code organization. In this post, I share more insights on working with ngrx/effects version 2 (currently in beta) and how show a real app use case where I applied it. #angular #rxjs #typescript

ReactDOM Newsletter: Issue 7

Welcome to Issue 7! This week we take a particular look at Redux from multiple views and angles, including if you should use it and patterns. That and much more!

Animating Transitions in 2 Minutes with ngAnimate and CSS

Angular’s ngAnimate allows you to really easily add transitioning animations, making things such as pagination. view changes, etc. quite a breeze to add. Here’s how you can do it with a single change in your template and a few lines of CSS.

Multithreading / Parallel computing with vkThread plugin

Built on HTML5 Web Worker, vkThread plugin lets developer easily export a Javascript function in a thread, execute it and return result in UI. In-thread AJAX helps to download data directly in a thread, rather than get it in UI and pass to a thread. And finally, developer can create multiple threads to implement parallel computing

Understanding Angular 2 change detection

Angular 2 introduces a reinvented change detection system that drops digest cycles in favor of one-way flow. Additionally, change detection can now be controlled and fine-tuned by developers to get the most of the framework’s performance.

How to Build HTML5 Mobile Apps?

A mobile app developer should look into certain aspects while developing HTML5 applications for making it really outstanding. Here let us check out some most essential tips.

Node.js vs Vert.x – Part 2 : A Detailed Investigation

Node.js is based on JavaScript while Vert.x is developed through the usage of Java. Despite its relation to Node.js, but Vert.x has its own original philosophy and benefits. Thus, many users prefer this server framework to similar offers.

React Native-Powered Cross-Platform Blog

This repo is an example of how to build cross-platform apps with content provided by Cosmic JS. The iOS and Android apps in this repo are built using React Native and the web app runs on a light Node.js web server, all with content served from the Cosmic JS CMS API. Create your content once, deliver everywhere.

React Native UI Challenge #2: Wunderlist Clone

In this series I challenge myself to recreate UIs from Dribbble screenshots or popular apps using the power of React Native. This time I created a Wunderlist (Todo app) clone… and it’s beautiful.

Serverless JAM - A Serverless Framework Tutorial

Finding a modern toolset to create truly fast, secure and dynamic sites has been an endless search. With JAMstack and the Serverless approach, we have just that. JAMstack sites are fast and secure by nature, and while they are static, 90% of the features that once required a custom backend can now be done entirely on the front-end. And that missing 10%? Enter Serverless.

Grouping Immutable Data

We recently wrapped up a UI update at Netlify to the deploys page. We get our data from Redux which immutable objects, which made it interesting when we needed to grouped deploys based on date as well. [more inside]

Building a Serverless Mesh Processing Microservice in Node.js

In this post we’ll create a mesh processing serverless microservice using Node.js and AWS. While in traditional architectures applications run in long-running servers, in serverless architectures applications run in event-triggered stateless containers. For this example, we’ll be using AWS Lambda, which is one of the most popular Function-as-a-Service alternatives out there.

Add the Fucking Change Log

A change log is a tool that helps you decide to upgrade or not and to evaluate the benefits and the cost of the upgrade. Unfortunately many open source projects don’t have it.

ngAnimate Basics: Pure CSS ng-repeat Animations

Little touches of animation can make any app feel so much more slick, mature and responsive. Adding animations, though, can be a PITA that involves making your tidy code messier. Add this class, stop that animation, find the right DOM element. Bleh. [more inside]

Node.js Interactive Europe 2016 Recap

Node.js Interactive Europe took place on 15-16 September 2016 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The two days were packed with great talks - let’s see what was it about!

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