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#angular posts

  19 August 2015


Ng-annotations is a small javascript library that helps to produce more structured angular applications using es6 classes and es7 decorators. #Angular #ES7 #ES6

Angular vs. React - the tie breaker

So, how do we resolve this debate? How can we get all of the benefits of React stated above, but not miss out on this great, super-important feature of Angular? We decided to give it a go and solve it for React.

Web Components Routing Style With Angular 1.x

I really like the web components approach that has recently got a hugh attention. It’s easy to design a solution that solves an encapsulated problem, while exporting it as an html tag. After working much with angular, I saw a recurring pattern in defining routes either with the default ng-router or ui-router. In this post I share my preference for consuming modules and defining them in the routing module. #angularjs #webcomponents #modules

AngularJS: About E2E tests and Protractor - pt 1

You never speak about protractor or End-to-tests? This time the aspect approached will be the tests, most specifically End-to-end test, with an overview in some aspects for Protractor, the framework created for AngularJS, but that can be used with many other projects without angularjs dependency. In this post I will explain some aspects for end-to-end tests, why to use them, how the protractor is included in this approach and show a example of your use in tests.

Working with Thin Directives in AngularJS

The AngularJS directives concept is a bit very interesting for apps, if you think in software aspects as reuse, portability, modularity, among others. However, depending on the complexity of your directive, some tests become more complex. One approach to simplify some procedures is the construction of directives based on the concept of Thin Directives. [more inside]

AngularJS: About $filter

In this post we will talk about filter concepts and how is the interface $filter flux in AngularJS: explain more about default filters, params, architecture and design pattern, best practices and performance with $filter approach

Micro-tunings with Angular apps - Part 1

Many applications are using angular for frontend and it’s really awesome. But with time and software evolution other aspects about product/service are (more) importants too, such as manutenibility and…performance. But when you think about performance, what are you remember like (re)solution? More machines? More cache? More file minification/compression? More use more async calls or HTTP2 usage? [more inside]

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